Thursday, October 24, 2013


Highly seasoned spicy rice, an excellent dish for lunch box,definitely would never mind to make this recipe atleast once in a week.Mainly this rice recipe is with no onion and garlic and made with rich aromatic roasted and grounded spices with a fusion of eggplant and capsicum.


1 Cup Cooked rice
2 Eggplant( cut them lengthwise)
1 Capsicum( cut them lengthwise)

For grinding spices:

2 Roasted Tsps of Cumin Seeds
2 Roasted Tsps of Coriander Seeds
2 Roasted Tsps of Dry Coconut Powder
1 Roasted Tsps of Poppy Seeds
5 to 6 Red Chillies OR
11/2 Tsps of Red Chillie Powder

For Tempering:

2 Tbsps of Oil
1 Tsp Each of Mustard Seeds,Chana Dal,Urad Dal
1/4 Tsp of Turmeric Powder
8 to 10 Curry Leaves
Salt to Taste.


1. Roast all the spices and grind them to dry.

2. In a medium heated pan,add oil with all tempering ingredients and allow to turn golden brown.Now add the chopped( lengthwise) eggplant and capsicum,sautée them to crispy brown in color.Do not overcook the vegetables as it may loose it's nutrients.

3. Add the grinded powder,curry leaves with turmeric powder and salt.Mix well with cooked rice and can be garnished with cilantro if needed.

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