Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Factual and simply delectable recipe from Hyderabad cuisine.Umimpeachable side dish for rice,poori's etc.
This recipe I learnt from my friend..Just love the dish..A big thanks to her!
Fresh small eggplants/brinjals are marinated with roasted peanut paste combined with few other spices.. Details below..


One Big Onion.
3 Tomatoes (medium).
8 to 10 Brinjals.( Try to use small ones)
Few garlic pods (optional...I didn't use in this recipe).
Handful of roasted peanuts.
12 to 15 Cashews.
1 Tbsp of Garam masala.
2 Tbsps of dry coconut powder.
1 Tbsp of Coriander powder.
2 Tbsps of red chilli powder.


First fry onions and tomatoes . Cook till they become little soft.  Roast Some peanuts and keep a side.
Slit the brinjals,( optional).Cook the brinjals in a saucepan with water till they turn to crunchy soft..keep them aside. Dont overcook them.
 In a blender, first powder the peanuts and cashew nuts and powder. Then add onions and tomatoes and make a paste. Then in that paste add ginger garlic paste garam masala dhaniya powder red chilli powder and dry coconut powder and grind it once more.
Then, in the pan add little oil and transfer the paste and cook for few minutes. Then add the cooked brinjals and cook for some more time. Done!!

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