Thursday, June 14, 2018


Toasted Bread Fruit..😍🍞🍞😋😋😍😍
Simplest kids lunchbox recipe##

Trim the edges of 🍞🍞 Honey Wheat Bread Slices..i used leftover breads..Cut them into desired shapes...
On a heated skillet,smear the bread with ghee on both sides..Toast to light brown..Or bake them in the oven for 180 deg C..for 2 to 3minutes.. Make sure you preheat the oven before you use it.. I usually bake them to crisp..
Finally apply condensed milk on both sides of the toasted bread ..It will immediately soak..So u can now garnish with some tutti frooti it any other dry fruits...Tastes so good ..Ready to serve or snack into the lunch box...🍞🍞😍😋😋😍😍